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Learn more about our responsibly harvested and craft roasting process, beanology, and brewing techniques.

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Naturally Grown Coffee from Organic Certified Farms

What is Naturally Grown Coffee?

Black Powder Coffee enjoys working directly with coffee farmers that have certified USDA Organic coffee beans. These farms are certified by entities like Ecocert. We appreciate the process and the input of what it takes to create a completely organic bean. Keeping our beans from green to roasted completely separate non-organic beans, from storage, roasting,…

Pioneering the Best in Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoying delicious small batch craft coffee in cold brew form. Black Powder Coffee has 3 blends of cold brew coffee developed to perfection. Consumption of cold brew coffee has definitely grown in popularity. Check out a previous article, What’s The Deal About The Cold Brew Coffee C4 BlendThe right balance of beans and roast levels…

New Nicaragua Beans

Founded in 1992, 22 small farmers coming together to produce some of the best Nicaragua coffee beans. Their farm helps improve the life and community of the farmers involved while practicing environmentally sustainable and agricultural practices growing some of the highest quality coffee beans. Aldea focuses on direct trade to build relationships and improve quality…

Fundraising | All In Guatemala! | Mission

Black Powder Coffee Roasting Fresh Coffee For Fundraising To Support Mission Trips In Guatemala. About All In Guatemala Mission All In Guatemala is a fundraising partnership with Davidson United Methodist Church. The Guatemala mission team helping the local community in Chuguexa with supplying them what they need to create vented cooking stoves and equipment for…