New additions at Black Powder Roasting

New additions

Brazil Natural

The newest addition to our single origin roasts. A light natural fruit flavor with milk chocolate. This is a light (city) roast coffee

Brazil Natural Pulped Coffee | Reserve

Honduras FTO

Smooth, buttery, and dark – an exotic cup

Christmas Blend

Available for a limited time! This year’s recipe includes a micro lot Burundi, Sumatra, and Brazil Natural. A bright beginning, a clove-spicy middle, and a dark-baked chocolate finish. It’s the perfect cup for after meals, or waking up on a winter morning to get you in the holiday spirit!

Colombian Excelso Decaffeinated

A bright, smooth cup with natural creamy caramel flavors

Brazil Mongolia SWP Decaffeinated Coffee

Hot Chocolate

New in 2016! A family recipe creates the perfect cup of creamy hot chocolate, just add hot water! Kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy this rich winter favorite, now available from Black Powder Coffee

(available in-store only)

Flavored Coffees

Santa’s Favorite

Peppermint and vanilla (we like to think Santa drinks this as he goes over his naughty or nice list)

Santa’s Favorite

Winter Wonderland

Cool and smooth with mint and vanilla flavors

Cinnamon Pecan Rum

A hint of cinnamon with the warmth of rum and pecan flavors

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