Twin City Hive, Winston-Salem

Twin City Hive, Winston-Salem

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog, Customer Profile

For those of you that haven’t tried something cool, nitrobrew is an awesome summer treat.  Terry and Joey have been customers for a few months while they have mastered the art of creating nitrogen infused coldbrew coffee using our Firecracker recipe.

Here at the roastery, we roast, blend, brew, and keg the coffee for them.  They then use a special tap which adds additional velvet foam to the pour that combines with the nitrogen in the keg with the coldbrew coffee.  This action results in a Guinness like pour with dancing bubble cascading in the glass combining chemically to the coffee to a natural creaminess.

If you are up in the Winston-Salem area, stop by and say hi……..and grab a NITROBREW!

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