Step 1: Responsible Coffee Harvesting

Truly great coffee begins with the world’s finest, super-hard beans, grown in high elevations with cold nights that help crops mature slowly for a more intense flavor profile. These prime beans amount to less that 5% of the coffee grown worldwide. Because we focus on small-batch roasting rather than mass production, we can hand-select only single source, fair-trade or rain forest-certified beans, harvested with minimal ecological impact and ethical work practices. So you can feel good after every cup.

Our green beans are stored in a temperature controlled warehouse. We do not normally mix our green beans before roasting for each origin needs special care in the roaster – we blend after roasting.

Step 2: Craft Coffee RoastingCraft Coffee Local Roasting

By roasting beans in small batches, we extract maximum flavor. To assure consistency, our San Franciscan artisan roaster evenly and gently roasts every bean. This allows us to select temperature settings and airflow to develop an authentic roast profile, closely matched to each bean’s origin. After roasting, we often combine coffees that complement each other in acidity and can even create proprietary blends.

We also maintain very low stock levels of roasted beans so we can continuously roast you the freshest product every time.

Step 3: Careful Coffee Packaging

Now that we’ve selected the highest quality beans and roasted them to perfection, we employ meticulous handling methods to guarantee superior taste and freshness. Black Powder Roasting Company (BPR) uses state-of-the art packaging processes and foil-lined bags for a longer coffee shelf-life of up to one year.

Step 4: Unforgettable TastingCraft Coffee Local Roasting - Black Powder Coffee

Great and unique tastes are the resources we mine for our customers. BPR uses a Specialty Coffee Association of America standard for processing and cupping samples (also known as tasting). A flavor profile evaluation [Taste Profile] is created to rank the coffee’s fragrance/aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, and mouthfeel. This enables BPR to select the best coffees from all over the world and standardize the measurement to assure consistent batches. We have over 13 different origins of coffee in stock at all times to deliver the palette of ingredients for any blend.