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Who We Are

Learn more about us. Family Business, Local Owned in Mooresville, NC

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Learn About Explosive Flavor

Learn more about our responsibly harvested and craft roasting process, beanology, and brewing techniques.

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Where To Find Black Powder Coffee

Shop online or visit one of our wholesalers, coffee shops, restaurants or retailers.

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The Impact of Leaf Rust

  What is coffee rust? The Coffee Rust is an obligate parasitic fungus, which means it is a microorganism that must take energy and nutrients from a specific live host (coffee) and reproduces differently than either plants or animals. What does it do? A coffee plant can lose a substantial amount of foliage when attacked…

San Franciscan Roaster

SF25 San Franciscan Roaster

Black Powder Coffee Now Roasting In A San Franciscan Roaster Long awaited arrival of the best artisan roasting machine in the world, the San Franciscan Roaster!  BPR ordered this upgrade on January 24, 2014 after much trial and tribulation.  Should we upgrade from our 1 kg electric roaster and expand our business out of our…