New Page Added – What’s on the Roasting Log

Something We Were Waiting To Tell You

So in this edition of the Roasting Log, we have added a new page under “Responsibly Harvested.” We have done this to communicate the new arrivals of coffee and what is no longer on our shelves. As a fresh crop roaster, we are constantly varying our single origin beans which impacts our blends. Lots of people ask “What’s New,” for us there are so many changes during crop cycles that it is difficult to communicate them to our costumers. This is why we have added the page “On the Roasting Log.”

Crop Cycles

Each crop cycle is four to eight weeks and all beans have  different outcome each time. It takes a lot of work in sample roasting to pick the right ones for taste. We normally are able to pick one of three options on samples.  Now thankfully the entire markets has become more transparent on farm names to allow us to provide confidence in our selections. As always, try new things and see the variety available in craft coffee. Never settle for lack of variety in life.

The taste in the variety of coffee is maximized when you drink Black Coffee. But the beans can handle some additives like cream and sugar to find your perfect brew.

On the Roasting Log