Freshness yields unbelievable cup.

Freshness yields unbelievable cup.

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Blog

Most people that walk into to the roastery are amazed by the taste you get from freshly roasted coffee that is ground within 15 minutes of brewing.  You can also enjoy that freshness at home.  We have read quite a few studies that claim the average age of coffee on the shelf at the grocery store is 4 months old.   When buying coffee with a roasted on date, you know exactly how old it is without the mystery of “best before” dates.  BPR recommends that a coffee is consumed within 90 days and has maximum aroma from day 3-30.  We use a 3 layer, foil lined bags to extend the freshness as long as possible without any UV (sunlight) impact.

As green coffee is roasted it the bean doubles in size and reduces in weight by 20%.  This process results in a bean that produces CO2 excessively for the first 6 hours, but continues producing this gas for much longer which is the reason we have a vent in our coffee bags.   We personally do not buy any coffee that doesn’t have a vented bag for that implies stale coffee in our humble opinion.

Make sure you look for a roasted on date for your next purchase to maximize your freshness.



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