How Fresh Is The Coffee You Are Buying?

Check Your Bag For Freshness

How fresh is the coffee you are drinking? Look for Roasted on date! Every bag of Black Powder Coffee comes with the roasted on date. As soon as we convert the green beans to roasted coffee, the coffee begins to release CO2 gas. By buying and consuming coffee from 3 till day 21 for a dark roast and from day 28 for a light roast after roasting – you will get the maximum flavor. Some customers have been surprised that when the coffee is only one day old it does not yield the same flavor a.k.a. weak. This is due to the science behind coffee aging. The coffee needs to degas enough to allow the water to leech the coffee grinds to produce a good cup. Sadly many of the commercial coffees that you find in the grocery store have a one year expiration date. Many times this means you were not consuming coffee till it is at least four months old – the freshness has left the bag. Some companies package in nitrogen to extend the shelflife but as the beans degas that nitrogen evacuates as well. Nitrogen is heavier than air and heavier than CO2, so it may help but nothing can help after four months. Taste the difference when you buy from a craft artisan roaster.

Roasted Fresh Daily. Look for Black Powder Coffee’s roasting schedule and new bean releases.  We are always roasting and delivering fresh coffee.