Coffee For Everyone!

We have had a lot of people asking for our coffee in areas in which we are not locally distributed. The GOOD news, you can order fresh roasted to order coffee online. Coffee for everyone can be found online at

The GREAT news…. Black Powder Coffee is fairly priced and a great value when it comes to small batch craft roasted coffee. We aren’t expensive like some of the others in our market and you don’t have to pay high dollar pricing at coffee shops that carry us compared to the drive thru coffee shops that are their for your “bucks”.

Shopping online is not everyone’s “cup of tea” ….we sell tea as well 🙂 so we seek out partners in our local area that carry our coffee from cafe’s, coffee shops, grocery to specialty retail. Each offering something different from the rest!

Coffee for the masses!

Flavored Coffee

Typically, you do not find great coffee in flavored form. Most think of flavored coffee as being cheap and poorly made with additives and sugars to create a taste that people want. We found that flavored coffee makes up a percentage of customers that want something with flavor or something a bit different. We find that offering flavored coffee is a great alternative to adding creamers and sugars to coffee.

We offer a variety of flavors that are staples in our yearly roast cycle and some seasonal favorites! Here are a few highlights:

Peanut ButterMichigan Dark CherrySnickersCarmel

Single Origin Coffee

We partner with coffee farmers all over the world to bring some of the best beans to you. We offer beans from South America, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. A few places we would like to highlight:


Custom Coffee Blends

Different…. we like to be different. Creating unique blends in house is what we are all about. We find flavors in our single origins, roast to different profiles, and bring these together to create something that leaves you with a WOW! A few of our blends that we feel you need to try and are definitely highlight worthy:

One-Eyed JackGunslinger BlendPeaberry BlendLKN EspressoSummer Blend

Infused Coffee

Innovation and creativity sparks what we call Infused Coffee! Looking for new ideas and acting on them. Creating different tastes and aromas that stand out and are unique. Experimentation of new product lines to come! Check out our current line up.

BourbonWineSouthern Star Bourbon

Cold Brew Coffee

Weather it be your daily fix, hipster coffee trend, or a great summer addition to your hot cup usual. Cold brew coffee has definitely stepped up in popularity especially once you try ours! We currently offer 3 varieties and testing out new concepts and flavors!

Blasting Cap DecafC4 Darker Roast Firecracker Medium Roast

Why does Black Powder Coffee bring a variety of tastes, flavors and great coffee to the masses? Because we care, and want to share our passion with you!