Brazil Natural

Brazil Natural

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Brazil Natural – The Brazil Espirito Santo is the newest addition to our single origin roasts. It is a pulped natural bean from the Espirito Santo region of Brazil. The “pulped natural” refers to the drying process that the bean undergoes – the skin is removed before drying, which causes the bean cherry to retain a natural, fruity pulp which affects the flavor. This is a light (city) roast coffee.

The multitude of flavors that come in this coffee make it an experience to sample. I decided to try the Brazil Natural with a variety of preparation methods to see what it could do. The beauty of this bean lies in its ability to transform in flavor depending on its preparation. Read on…

Brazil Natural

Black Powder Coffee – Brazil Natural

Drip method using 200° water in a Behmor brewer

  • When drinking this cup black, it produced a very sweet, fruity flavor (blackberry), with hints of caramel.
  • Adding a small amount of sugar (less than 1 tsp), the caramel disappeared, making it a very fruity cup.
  • When both milk and sugar were added, the fruit lightened and a nutty, almond flavor came out. This was a very pleasant cup.

Drip method using 208° water in a Behmor brewer

  • This cup of coffee served black at the higher temperature produced a mainly nutty flavor.
  • Adding the sugar again brought out a caramel flavor, while retaining the nuttiness.
  • When both milk and sugar were added, this again produced a very nice cup, like the 200° preparation with a light fruit and almond flavor.

Pour Over Method (approximately 200°)

  • Drinking this cup black produced a sweet flavor with light acidity. The aroma was fruity, like apricot
  • Adding sugar to this cup retains the sweetness with light acidity, and the fruitiness lightened
  • Adding milk and sugar mellowed out the acidity, creating a candy-like caramel aroma.

Black Powder Coffee has Brazil Natural available for sale at our website and at our roastery in Mooresville. We encourage our customers to come in to visit us and try a complimentary sample of any of our coffees.

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Black Powder Coffee Brazil Natural

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