2019 Summer Blend

As we enter into the summer months of the year, we welcome warm weather, summer breaks from school, vacations to the beach and a light refreshing roast! Introducing our 2019 Summer Blend Coffee!

We like to customize our summer seasonal to give notes that make you feel cool when the weather is warm. Weather it be cool smooth tea-like flavors to fruity, citrus and berry notes. When it comes to summer blends, we look for three notes, foral, citrus, and fruity. We decided to develop this years summer blend with fruit forward floral notes with a blueberry and raspberry finish.

2019 Summer Blend Coffee

What makes this blend special is all three beans are naturally dried processed. “The
style of processing is called “natural processing”, in which a coffee cherry is passively dried to separate seed from the pulp. Over the years, this natural processing method, which has been used for thousands of years and has a spiritual home in Ethiopia, has been seen as a lesser method of coffee production to a roast-ready bean when compared to washed processes, a much more modern method of using water to “wash” the fruit off the seed. Washing, the thinking goes, yields a cleaner and more balanced cup, with fewer defects.” Working directly with small farms, we are able to pull different flavor notes directly from that crop. Each farm, region of Ethiopia offers different flavor notes based on the growing region, elevation, and drying process.

We were able to pull different flavors together with the three beans we used. Starting with fruit forward berry flavors of our Ethiopian Gadeb Yirgacheffe Naturally Grown, adding in foral flavor notes from our Ethiopia FTO and bringing in citrus flavors, something a bit different with our third Micro Lot farm Ethiopian beans, which is our special ingredient! Combining the three gives us the ability to bring you that light refreshing cup of coffee great for a summer roast. Developing our Summer Blend is something that we look forward to each year that allows us to be completely different from other coffee roasters in our local area as well as the country. There is no other coffee like ours that pulls our the same fruitiness, floral notes and berry finish as our Summer Blend.

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Blog Credits: Sprudge