2017 Holiday Blend & Crates

2017 Holiday Blend & Crates

Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Blog

The holiday blends and gift crates are here!

The two Holiday Blends are back for the yearly occasion, and we have plenty for your friends and family! We make gift giving easy by integrating the blends or other single origin coffee beans into a decorative crate made from recycled wood and lined with coffee jute bags from our roasting process. Fit perfectly in a Regional B USPS box!

So, Whats Different?

As usual we are picking the best beans, the best roast, and the best blend. Whats different is that this year, we have a micro-lot from Burundi as the base, then an addition of Colombian Organic, and Sulawesi Rantemaro. This creates this clove spice and chocolatey flaver with a hint of green apple. This makes an amazing structure for any holiday event or meal. Available until Christmas.

Holiday Blend

This is one of our blends ran until Christmas. Our Holiday blend is a mix of Burundi, Colombian and Sulawesi. You will not be able to get a mix of flavor like this until next Christmas. So get it while its available here.

Santa’s Favorite

This is the other one of our blends ran until Christmas. Santa’s Favorite is a flavored mix of peppermint and vanilla. This gives a good flavor that will put anyone in the Christmas mood.

To learn more visit here.

Santa and Holiday Blends

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