2015 Holiday Blend Coffee

2015 Holiday Blend Coffee

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 in Blog

2015 Holiday Blend Bag PicThis year, Black Powder is proud to bring you “Blend 21″…yes, one through twenty just didn’t have a well rounded cup. Some customers think we got this one right with the “best blend” we have ever created.

Primarily Medium-Dark roasted (12).

Beans: Micro-Lot Burundi, Sumatra, and African Beans

Roasted: Blend of medium and dark roasted prime coffee roasted individually and then blended in a proportion to derive a bright beginning and then a wonderful bold flavor cup with a hint of spice.

Varietals: Bourbon, Bergendahl, Kent, Java (limited: Djember, Ateng, Catimor)

Elevation: 1,400 – 2,000 meters (4,000-6,000 ft)

Cupping Notes: Molasses, with mild acidity with hints of Black Tea, Chocolate, Lemon, Blackberry

Roaster General Notes:  Spicy – Chocolate – Creamy/Dry finish

Majority of the beans are imported via Direct Trade to the USA by Café Imports. In Burundi, Kirema is in Kayanza, a small “cooperative,” has around 1,350 small farmers deliver cherry here. This is part of a Café Imports project where a quality premium is paid above the normal “market rate,” and this premium is paid directly back to the farmers.

The mountains of Burundi produce a deep fig and fruity coffee-almost a Malbec of a cup highlighted by a firm supporting acidity.

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